Ignite Expo 2018 showcases Hudaco’s ability to provide a fully integrated security & ICT solution.

Ignite Expo will be making history at its Ignite Expo 2018 in July this year with the addition of the Hudaco Group’s full ICT Solution. For the first time since the inception of the annual Ignite Expo,  previously done by Elvey Security Technologies, a proud member of the Hudaco Group, will this time be joined by its sister companies – MiRO, SST, Pentagon and Commercial ICT – to demonstrate the true power of integration.


Taking place at the Kyalami Race Track in Johannesburg on 26 July, the Ignite Expo will bring together all the leading Hudaco security and telecommunication distributors under one roof, to provide a full suite of IP convergence solutions for security, telecommunication, networking and wireless industries.

With a growing number of technologies able to integrate with each other across platforms and industries, the demand for converged IP solutions is at an all-time high. While this ultimately provides customers with more flexible, tailored and affordable options, there are still only a limited number of suppliers who are able to offer all these solutions on one single, intuitive platform.

The joint forces will meet the industry demand at the Ignite Expo by bringing together the latest cutting-edge technologies and high-quality solutions, presented by their leading suppliers through a world-class exhibition, highly interactive displays, as well as a training sessions and workshops.

The Hudaco Companies (Elvey, MiRO, Pentagon and SS Telecoms), will be showcasing their complimentary range of solutions from IP Networking and Telecommunication, Intrusion, Surveillance and Access Control. For the first time in South Africa, businesses, under the Hudaco banner, are coming together to offer a truly comprehensive solution to their clients’ unique requirements.

This is a must-attend event for everyone who wants to stay relevant in the security, telecommunication, networking and wireless solutions industries, while eliminating the need to deal with multiple companies in order to build a truly converged solution. Be sure to visit the Ignite Expo and meet the experts from multiple industries, all working together to lead you into the future.  Booking information.